RED RABBIT PICTURES operates as a media and entertainment company that works in the development, production, distribution, sell, and financing of feature, television, and multi-media projects. The company specializes in action, sci-fi, horror, and fantasy genres and interactive programs through film, internet, and gaming platforms. Red Rabbit is led by founder, Dallas King, and comprised of experienced artists and working industry team members. Red Rabbit was established in 2008, and is based in Los Angeles, California.

Director . Writer . Producer

Dallas is a DGA Award winner, whose vision to be a filmmaker came while being a kid that had to interpret movies through words to his blind mother. The story continues as Dallas embarked on several personal trips circling the world twice and touring 67 countries to date as a massage therapist, which sparked his passion as a screenwriter. Being the first and still only member of his entire family to go to college by graduating from UCLA and gaining his Master's in Directing at UCLA Film School.

Dallas has written, produced, and directed numerous projects, which have earned Dallas the (MPAA) Motion Picture Association of America Award, a two-time award recipient from the National Hispanic Foundation of the Arts, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association Award, The Caucus Foundation Award for Directing, and recently 1st place for the Directors Guild of America Award for Outstanding Directing. His films have been selected and won countless Film Festivals throughout the nation. While focusing on his directing, Dallas has also penned nine Feature Film Screenplays and five TV Pilots, four of which have been selected as a finalist for the Alfred P. Sloan in Science Foundation award.

It's not a choice, but a deep responsibility for Dallas to always find time to give back to the community and volunteer as a motivational speaker to expose inner-city youth to careers in film working with Latino International Film Institute's Cinema Project and giving personal tours of the film school for the Los Angeles Education Program (LAEP). Additionally, he mentors at-risk teenagers at Fremont High School, Hollywood High School, and LA School of Global Studies

Dallas has also been officially sponsored by PANAVISION with the largest camera package ever given through their "New Filmmaker" program for his next feature. Dallas is eager to embrace the next challenge along his filmmaking journey and will always stand as a proud UCLA FILM Bruin.

Director's Reel


Anton is a cinematographer from a diverse culture of Eastern Europe, New York City, and Los Angeles. Born in Kharkov, Ukraine; raised in Brooklyn, NY. Anton earned his Master of Fine Arts degree in Cinematography at the American Film Institute in Los Angeles. Specializing in feature films, television, commercials, music videos, documentaries, and still life photography. Speaks fluent Russian and English.


After Dmitry and his family were forced to flee Russia and start a new life in the United States, he relocated from Minnesota to Los Angeles to pursue his love of filmmaking by earning a Cinematography BA from UCLA Film School, which led to him shooting his first feature at age 21. Dmitry has created visual content for Honda, Acura, Carlsberg, Hallmark Channel, RPA, Boxer Films, and Capital Group, earning him the Alan S. Jacobsen Award and the Ion Pictures Award.


Kevin Castro's love for filmmaking came out of an early appreciation for mural art back in his hometown of San Francisco, that led him to earn a BA from UCLA's Film School with a focus in cinematography. His recent work on, BROTHERS and THE DEEP END have screened at several international film festivals and have earned him Panavision's New Filmmakers Grant, "Best Cinematography" for the UCLA Film Festival, and the Motion Picture Association of America Award for filmmaking.

Line Producer

Mauricio Arrioja has been making films since he was fourteen back in Mexico. Graduating from the film department at the California State University Northridge, he immediately worked as a line producer on TV Pilots, Music Videos, and Feature Film projects. As a line producer Mauricio's strongest skill is to see a project to the end and believes in establishing long lasting relationships in working with vendors and crew in the industry.

Visual Effects Supervisor / Artist

Nathan sharpened his VFX skills in earning a BFA in Visual Effects at the Savannah College of Art & Design, where he was awarded the college's Merit Scholarship for portfolio presentation. Since 2009, Nathan has literally painted distant worlds, rotoscoped monsters, and composited electricity to make a man vanish. Nathan's talent have been seen on big budget feature films SKYLINE and WAR OF THE AGES and has since grown to be an on set VFX Supervisor and see the visual effects process from Pre-production to Post-production.

Storyboard Artist

Tony is a life-long artist who specializes pre-visual concepts and storyboards. Last feature film project, FOLLOWED, Tony drew 300+ storyboards in two weeks to bring the script to life. Tony's understanding of camera angles, lighting, visual effects, and transitions makes Tony's storyboards standout in the industry.

Stunt Coordinator

Steve's experience in the business goes back almost 20 years. He's recently worked on "The Dark Knight Rises", the hit FOX show, "Raising Hope", and with Michael Chiklis on "No Ordinary Family". Steve worked for Oscar winning directors Joel and Ethan Coen in "No Country For Old Men", and spent a season doubling Jason O'Mara in the American version of 'Life on Mars. Steve also doubles for Seth Rogen in the films Pineapple Express, The Green Hornet, Observe and Report, Funny People, and My Mother's Curse. His resume includes the TV drama, "Big Love" "Without a Trace, "Pushing Daisies" and most currently, "How I Met Your Mother".

Costume Designer

When most little girls were playing with dolls, Sarah made clothes for them.  Now after studying theater, art, history, and psychology, she has come full circle and makes clothes for big people! Sarah moved to Los Angeles in 2003 to earn her MFA in costume design at UCLA and has worked on countless theater and film projects. Favorite design work includes anything that requires imagination and a fusion of reality and the otherworldly. Regarding her past design for The Actor's Gang's "Love's Labour's Lost", she was hailed by the LA Times for being "sublimely gifted in the art of minimalist fantasy."

Make-up Artist

With 6 years of experience on beauty makeup, special effects, & fantasy for music videos, photo shoots, films, parties, you name it, she's done it or is willing to do it. An artistic and creative background, not only owning her own company, she makes time to showcase her talent behind the camera enhancing the beauty in people or exuding the ugliness, which ever you choose. Working on so many sets, she can't name just one favorite because each set brings new people and new experience, but her talent shouts out, when you challenge the norm.

Make-up Artist

Christine hails from the school of Joe Blasco and has over 6 years of professional makeup artistry experience in TV, Film and Print. Her specialties include HD Airbrush Makeup, Corrective, Beauty and FX. Her work can be seen in Playboy, Celebrities and Pets, and with many recognizable talents such as Charlie Murphy and Jamie Kennedy.

SFX Artist

Starting as a carpenter and prop maker for theater productions, over the years Chris has applied his skills in construction, electrical work, painting, carving, sculpting, and textile work to a variety of fields including building museum exhibits, restoring vintage and antique film equipment, and installations at the Disneyland Resort, and most notably creating props and doing special effects work for film projects. Chris's work ethic to make the impossible, possible, precedes his reputation as special effects guru that can make anything.

FX Artist

Mario has been a makeup artist under the name of Rebirth MxD (makeup and design) since 2009. He has worked countless projects and believes that as an artist, there are no limits, and specializes in prosthetics, blood work, aging, and fabricating custom body pieces. Mario is a person who is willing to create a world beyond the unknown and bring an image no other soul is willing to touch or create.